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It's not easy. The top league is back again, and it's time for everyone to toast and chat. After so long, some fans may have become accustomed to not being accompanied by football, and will never come back to watch the football. I would also think of the days when there was no football in my life. From that time on, there are many important things that people can't help but want to protect, especially those that are no longer available once they are missed.


In the same year, in the midsummer of Germany, I watched the World Cup for the first time. In the opening game, Ram and Klose made me realize that football is so exciting. One day I was asleep while watching TV in the living room. I woke up to see the No. 19 of Argentina, who scored the sixth goal on the spot. I also didn't expect that he would be the player with the most time watching the game with me.


The alarm clock was set early in the final, I fell asleep at the 5th minute of the game, missed Zidane’s goal, missed Materazzi’s famous scene, and woke up two hours later, the blue jersey party has begun to celebrate Their victory.


It was the entertainment after everyone watched the game. The best-selling players were naturally the hottest players at the time. The friends will take out their pocket money and shop for the major players in the store in front of the school. I often go to other people's homes and see them post the most exciting moments of their beloved players on the wall. At that time, I had my first poster. It was the moment when a bald head stopped the ball in the World Cup. I was 10 years old. Later I learned that his name was Zidane, and I knew his influence that I didn’t know at the time. force. Because of decoration and other reasons, the poster was no longer found, and I never put the poster on the wall since.


In September, the Red and Blues three years ago lost and tied the first two games in La Liga. Many people questioned the coach Pep Guardiola who was promoted to the first team. I really want to see why the Barcelona standing on the top podium is stagnant. At the beginning of the first day of the junior high school, I went to bed before ten o’clock every day, but since then I have plenty of energy to set the alarm clock on time every weekend and early morning in the middle of the week, stay in front of the TV, and wait for their performance.

9月份,三年前的红军和蓝军在西甲的前两场比赛中失利并列并列。许多人质疑教练瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola),后者升任一线队。我真的很想知道为什么站在最高领奖台上的巴塞罗那停滞不前。初中的第一天开始,我每天都在十点钟前上床睡觉,但是从那时起,我有足够的精力在每个周末和中午的清晨准时设置闹钟。一周,呆在电视前,等待他们的表演。

At that time, I felt very excited when watching the game, and my heart was beating quickly with the ups and downs of the scene. Even the advantage of three goals was not so reassuring. Sometimes I even thought "If they win today, I will listen to the lesson." Afraid of quarreling his parents, the home team would cover their mouths and raise their arms when they score a goal, and ran gently from one end of the living room to the other, not knowing how to celebrate. When you lose, you must be listless that day, and then count the standings to see how many games the opponents behind will catch up.


that year




But there were no students watching football around me. Unexpectedly, I was promoted to the second grade and found that after the reclassification, there were so many people discussing football in the class during the World Cup. At this time, I had started to watch the game secretly in front of the desktop computer, fearing that my parents would find out, I would seal the gap in the door with black tape. After watching a game, take a nap and set the alarm to continue watching the next game. By the end of the group stage, I could no longer see the last team that played that day, and no amount of alarms could wake me up.


After watching the ball, I made a cup of coffee and came to the school to start the game of the day with the students. Sometimes when the exchanges are full of fun, some students will come


Spain lost to Switzerland in the first game. The only Spanish fan in the class during the day burst into tears, thinking that the European Cup champion team had no chance to win this World Cup. The Argentine fans in the class have an overwhelming advantage, and everyone is persuading him that Argentina will join the matador in the final, but the Pampas Eagles will win.


On the 0-4 day, the morning self-study class was surprisingly quiet, and no one talked about the game that day. A female classmate who has lost contact drew a sketch of her favorite Argentine lineup on paper. I have kept it to this day. Many of the players have now retired. A few years later, in the TV series "Weightlifting Fairy Jin Fuzhu", "Perhaps you like Messi?" was hit up with a heated conversation. It reminded me again of that classmate and the days when many people chatted about the World Cup together after class. That summer was the best memory of my school days. The students got together because of football. After that, I have never experienced this feeling again. Even if they cross each other, at least football is the most beautiful scenery ever.


Unfortunately, after De Jong’s kick in the final, I fell asleep again. I missed Iniesta’s lore, but I saw Cassie holding the Hercules Cup. At that moment, the classmate who once cried must have laughed happily.


In the 2014 World Cup final, I got up early and stood in front of the TV. This was the first time after watching football that I was able to control my sleepiness on the highest stage of the World Series, but I could not wait until the 19th eight years ago. Hold the Hercules Cup. I remembered the confession of his classmates before, which is also the epitome of every fan's memory of football.


How can the closed accommodation, 2G network, and 30M data package in high school support the willingness to continue watching football?


During class, he would secretly swipe the text live broadcast on his mobile phone. In 2013, Evergrande participated in the AFC Finals for the first time. This is indeed an honor for the Chinese club. At that time, the other two or three people next to me would also tell me about the direction of the game. The moment Elkeson scored, the sound of me tapping the table even attracted everyone in the class. I could only lower my head to convey the news that Evergrande was leading the way. . After being equalized, he will sweat and wait for the end of the game.

上课时,他会偷偷地刷手机上直播的文字。 2013年,恒大首次参加了亚足联决赛。这确实是中国俱乐部的荣幸。那时,我旁边的另外两个或三个人也会告诉我游戏的方向。 Elkeson得分的那一刻,我敲桌子的声音甚至吸引了班上的所有人。我只能低下头来传达恒大正在引领潮流的消息。 。均等之后,他会出汗并等待比赛结束。

After the lights were turned off every night, he would hand over the phone so that I could watch the text live broadcast in the early morning and imagine the players running on the court. At that time, it was a luxury to be able to load a complete GIF, let alone see the goal video. Later, in order to watch the game, even thought of the method of taking sick leave.


Using such a dumb method, I witnessed Balotelli’s thinking about life at the European Cup and Spain’s killing of Portugal. Li Na finally won her first championship in the Australian Open... so that afterwards, every time I pack my bags and prepare to return in the daytime Home, buddies will tease me, "I have balls again today!"


At that time, everyone was watching


Sometimes in order to buy a magazine, I will go to all the newsstands around. Now the magazine has an online version, and you can subscribe with your finger. Many people no longer treat bought magazines as treasures, and they are used to sweeping away the content. The feeling of expecting a "progress bar" to hold on at that time is gone.


After the popularization of 3G and 4G mobile phones, more fans began to browse information and watch live broadcasts on the Internet, fewer and fewer people were holding magazines among the fans around, and fan cards have also been released online. In January 2019, the football clubs that have been with us for a long time said goodbye to us, making us realize that the era of watching football with magazines is gradually getting away from us.


Nowadays, watching games on mobile phones can send barrage, and the focus of events during and after the game will soon be discussed by thousands of people. Whether you watch football or not, you will have a wave of heat.


Many people will no longer record their emotions, let alone show them on paper. It's hard to feel uncomfortable all day because of the loss of the beloved team. At that time, I would silently pray in my heart that the team can regroup. Now I see more of the rhetoric of many people on the Internet.


At that time, when we watched the ball, we stared at the TV for 90 minutes, but now we are often interrupted by smartphones. Sometimes we get distracted, and halftime just passed.


The 5G era is coming, football information is learned faster, and the design of the star card is more modern and networked, but the original memory of football in the past still makes us enjoy it.


Apart from watching the football, the collections around football make everyone enjoy it. The star card is the first to bear the brunt. The first time the Chinese came into contact with the star card was probably in the 1998 World Cup in France. The Tigers took the opportunity to issue a star card with instant noodles and a special collection booklet.


After the two World Cups in 2002 and 2006, I have bought stars and teams printed on them


In the eyes of some fans, the best seller in the summer of 2010 was not beer, but a carbonated drink. The company's collection of World Cup teams


After that, Panini and other star cards became popular. Although the entire set of cards has never been collected, they have gained more happiness in the process of changing cards with their friends. With the emergence of copyright restrictions, economic conditions and other reasons, although the star card has not disappeared, the craze for national collections has receded a lot. Collecting has become more and more specialized, and the process of collecting cards has become a way of monetization. A set of star cards made with money is like the star poker bought as a child. It is increasingly difficult to realize the fun of the process.


Although the days of watching football are not long, the elders say Batty, Vieri, Piero, Sheva, etc., I just saw the figures at the end of their careers, the stars galloping on the green field. Then a call. Younger people, they no longer know how exciting these retired stars were at the time, but everyone will have their own special memories of football.


From black-and-white TVs, color TVs, desktop computers, notebooks, to smart phones, each generation has different ways of watching games. From newspapers, posters, star cards, magazines, and apps, each generation has different ways of understanding football. The same is that our love for football will not change with changes in habits. Everyone has their own football memory, always staying in a corner of their heart.


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