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Yu Hanchao, who altered the number plate of a motor vehicle, was expelled from Guangzhou Evergrande. It is not uncommon in football history that players are terminated due to violations of the law. But it's miserable, no one can compare to Adrian Mutu. Fans with a bit of qualifications should still remember this name. The Romanian is now a "multi-millionaire" with a debt of more than 27 million euros. He owes Chelsea a huge amount of money that cannot be paid off for life. All this stems from the termination of the contract caused by drug abuse and the continuous termination of the contract. 14 years of lawsuit.

于汉超改变了汽车的车牌,被开除出广州恒大。在足球历史上,球员经常会因为违反法律而被解雇。但这是痛苦的,没有人能比得上阿德里安·穆图。具有一定资格的粉丝仍应记住该名称。罗马尼亚人现在是“千万富翁”,债务超过2700万欧元。他欠切尔西很多钱,终生无法偿还。这一切都源于滥用毒品引起的合同终止和合同的不断终止。 14年的诉讼。

At the beginning of this century, Mutu was the most brilliant new star in Serie A. He could serve as a left and right winger, a striker and a shadow forward. He was introduced to Inter Milan at the age of 20, and he stood firm in Verona at the age of 21 and was regarded as the next player. Haji. In fact, Mutu will become the Romanian player ever to score the most goals in Serie A with 103 goals in the future, which is greater than the total of the goals scored by Hovlin, Fabian, Raduccioiu and Chivu from 2nd to 5th ( 102 goals); He also scored 35 goals in the Romanian team, tied with Haji, tied for first place, while Mutu's national team played (77 games) far less than Haji (124 games).


In the 2002-03 season, the 24-year-old Mutu switched from Verona to Parma, which was not yet decayed, and partnered with Adriano, who was 3 years younger than himself, to form an invincible and sharp striker. That season, the two scored 33 goals in Serie A, accounting for 60% of the team's goals; Mutu won the league silver boot with 18 goals, second only to Vieri with 24 goals, followed by the Romanian in the scorer list. A long list of great names: Grand Inzaghi, Piero, Totti, Baggio, Signori...


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In August 2003, Mutu transferred to the English Premier League Chelsea at a high price of 15.8 million pounds (22.5 million euros at the time) and signed a five-year long-term contract. It was when Abramovich first entered Chelsea, the rich Russians signed Mutu, Crespo, Belon, Duff, Makelele and other stars in one go in order to reshape the Premier League structure. The Romanian had a stunning start to the Premier League. He scored the winning goal for Chelsea in his first show (beating Leicester City 2-1) and scored four goals in his first three Premier League games, including a score against Tottenham. Second degree. No one expected that this was just a flash in the pan. Mutu suffered successive problems on and off the court, and his competitive state plummeted. In the subsequent 22 league appearances in the 2003-04 season, he only scored twice. In order to satisfy Abramović’s vanity, tinker Ranieri divided his playing time as much as possible among his four forwards, but in the end, Mutu was more efficient than Crespo and the old man Hasselbaink. And Good Johnson are low.


In the summer of 2004, Abramovich invited Mourinho to coach the team. The Portuguese, who values ​​discipline, is not as talkative as his predecessor Ranieri. He cleaned Veron, Crespo and the veteran Haselbain. A large number of players such as Kerr, Zenden and Glenshire. However, Mourinho initially seemed to still appreciate Mutu's technical ability, and the Romanian was able to stay on the team. However, the relationship between the two deteriorated sharply at the beginning of the season. Mourinho believed that Mutu was injured and did not allow him to play in the league opening game on August 15 against Manchester United. He also believed that Mutu should not represent the Romanian team. The World Preliminary Match against Finland on August 18th (the European World Preliminaries that year, only Romania was in Group A and Group C, just happened to arrange the first round of the Premier League between the first and second rounds of the week , And the rest of the teams will start on September 4). But Mutu not only ignored him, he returned to play for the country and scored a goal. He also stabbed the matter directly to the British media after the game. He said Mourinho said it was the team doctor’s conclusion, but he felt that his body was completely fine. I don't know "why did I not let myself play against Manchester United".

2004年夏天,阿布拉莫维奇邀请穆里尼奥担任球队教练。重视纪律的葡萄牙人并不像他的前任拉涅利那样健谈。他清洗了Veron,Crespo和资深的Haselbain。大量玩家,例如Kerr,Zenden和Glenshire。但是,穆里尼万博体育官网地址奥最初似乎仍然很欣赏Mutu的技术能力,而罗马尼亚人能够留在队中。但是,在赛季开始之初,两者之间的关系急剧恶化。穆里尼奥认为穆图受伤,并且不允许他参加8月15日对阵曼联的联赛开幕赛。他还认为Mutu不应该代表罗马尼亚队。 8月18日对阵芬兰的世界预选赛(那年的欧洲世界预选赛,只有罗马尼亚进入A组和C组,碰巧将英超联赛的第一轮安排在一周的第一轮和第二轮之间进行,其他团队将从9月4日开始。但是Mutu不仅不理him他,他还返回国家效力并打入一球。赛后,他还直接将此事刺伤了英国媒体。他说穆里尼奥说这是车队医生的结论,但他觉得自己的身体完全没问题。我不知道“为什么我不让自己对阵曼联”。

After returning to the team, Mutu became a dispensable substitute, but only appeared on the bench twice in the two league games against Crystal Palace and Villa, playing a total of 49 minutes. What followed was an even bigger nightmare-on October 1, Mutu was tested positive in a drug test organized by the Football Association of England, and 10 days later it was determined to be a cocaine violation. Mutu admitted that he was taking drugs, and it was said that he was trying to eliminate boredom. He had just divorced and his son was not around and he was not reused in the team.


Not long ago, in September 2002, Chelsea also exposed drug abuse by players. Australian goalkeeper Mark Bosnich (veteran Manchester United fans should remember him) was found to be taking cocaine. The Football Association banned him for nine months. Chelsea also cancelled his contract with a weekly salary of 45,000 pounds. The Australian is a heavy drug addict who is said to spend £5,000 a week on drugs.


Of course Mutu will not be forgiven. On October 28, Chelsea terminated his contract with him. A week after losing his job, Mutu was banned for seven months by the Disciplinary Committee of the English Football Association. The ban was subsequently recognized by FIFA and expanded to a global scope. However, given his ability and free status, he quickly found a job. In January 2005, he signed a five-year contract with Italian giants Juventus. (Because Juventus had no non-EU players in 2004, Mutu nominally In December 2004, he signed a contract with Livorno, and Livorno "changed hands" to Juventus after the New Year). This seems to be a happy ending. Since then, Mutu has played for Juventus, Fiorentina, Cesena and other teams in Serie A for seven seasons. He has also scored 20+ goals in a single season. He has played for Ligue 1, Luo Jia and other leagues until 2016 when they were 37 years old, they hung up their boots. But in fact, for more than ten years, he has been stuck in a nightmare lawsuit.

当然Mutu不会被原谅。 10月28日,切尔西终止了与他的合同。失业后一周,穆图被英国足球协会纪律委员会禁赛七个月。该禁令随后被国际足联认可并扩大到全球范围。但是,鉴于他的能力和自由身分,他很快找到了工作。 2005年1月,他与意大利巨人尤文图斯签订了为期五年的合同。 (因为尤文图斯在2004年没有非欧盟球员,穆图名义上在2004年12月,他与利沃诺签署了合同,利沃诺在新年后“转手”给尤文图斯)。这似乎是一个幸福的结局。从那以后,穆图已经在意甲的尤文图斯,佛罗伦萨,切塞纳和其他球队效力了七个赛季。他还单赛季打进20多个进球。他曾为Ligue 1,Luo Jia和其他联赛效力,直到2016年(当时他们37岁)他们都挂了靴子。但实际上,十多年来,他一直陷于一场噩梦诉讼中。

It was Mutu himself who sued first. On November 10, 2004, two weeks after being fired by Chelsea, Mutu filed a complaint with the Premier League regarding the termination of his employment contract by the Chelsea club. At this time, under the leadership of the club's chief executive Kenyon, Chelsea's counterattack kicked off.

首先是穆图本人提起诉讼。 2004年11月10日,在被切尔西解雇两周后,穆图向英超联赛投诉,要求切尔西俱乐部终止其雇佣合同。这时,在俱乐部首席执行官肯永(Kenyon)的领导下,切尔西的反击开始了。

At the hearing held on January 19, 2005, the Premier League was told that Chelsea would file a compensation claim for the players. A week later, the club and the players issued a joint letter, agreeing to change the "trigger of the dispute", namely


On April 20, 2005, the Premier League Appeals Committee ruled that Mutu "


Nine days later, Mutu appealed this ruling to the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal (CAS). This was the first time he appealed to CAS in a series of lawsuits, but on December 15 of that year, the appeal was rejected. In the next six months, Chelsea has actually been inactive. When people thought that this seemingly unkind lawsuit would be over, the English club took action. On May 11, 2006, Chelsea filed a complaint with the FIFA Dispute Resolution Tribunal. (DRC) applied for a ruling on Mutu's compensation. Five months later, FIFA believed that it had no right to adjudicate this dispute and rejected the club's request. This time it was Chelsea’s turn to appeal to the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal. CAS made a ruling in May 2007. It believed that the FIFA Dispute Resolution Tribunal did have jurisdiction to decide the case and sent the case back to the DRC.

九天后,穆图向国际体育仲裁法庭(CAS)上诉该裁决。这是他首次向CAS提出上诉,但在当年12月15日,上诉被驳回。在接下来的六个月中,切尔西实际上已经不活跃了。当人们认为这场看似毫无诚意的诉讼将要结束时,英格兰俱乐部采取了行动。 2006年5月11日,切尔西向FIFA争议解决法庭提起申诉。 (DRC)申请了Mutu赔偿的裁决。五个月后,国际足联认为无权裁定该争端,并拒绝了俱乐部的要求。这次轮到切尔西向国际体育仲裁法庭提出上诉了。 CAS于2007年5月做出裁决。它认为FIFA争议解决法庭确实有权决定此案,并将该案发回刚果民主共和国。

At this time, Mutu left the team because of the Juventus match-fixing case and joined Fiorentina. He seemed to have found his spring in Viola again. In the 2006-07 and 2007-08 seasons, he consecutively dedicated the best after leaving Parma. Two seasons. But he still had to pay a heavy price for his frivolous behavior. On May 7, 2008, the FIFA Dispute Resolution Tribunal made a ruling,

这时,穆图因为尤文图斯的假球案离开了球队,并加入了佛罗伦萨。他似乎又在Viola找到了春天。在2006-07和2007-08赛季,他在离开帕尔马之后连续奉献最好的。两个季节。但是他仍然要为自己的轻率行为付出沉重的代价。 2008年5月7日,FIFA争议解决法庭作出裁决,

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Interestingly, this single-digit purchase replacement player fee (the cost of replacing the Player) has become a mystery. It is impossible to know who it is from the file. Until May 2008, Chelsea bought offensive players with transfer fees of roughly the same magnitude as Wright Phillips (£28 million), Malouda (£17.1 million), Anelka (£16.2 million), of course This figure may also come from the sum of the fees of several players, all of which is unknown.


Although compared to the at least 28 million euros claimed by Chelsea, the 17.17 million compensation awarded by the FIFA Dispute Resolution Tribunal has been almost 60% off, but it still shocked everyone. This amount obviously exceeds Mutu’s personal ability to pay. You must know that according to the document, the annual salary he earned at Chelsea was "only" £2.35 million (valued at 3.35 million euros) before tax, and was paid in five installments. The signing fee of 330,000 pounds, and bonuses including "special goal bonus" (but according to the habits of Premier League clubs, the bonus number is not too high compared to salary). Chelsea, who spent a lot of money, offered a lot more than his previous and subsequent player contracts. More than 17 million euros is equivalent to the entire after-tax income of Mutu's playing football for about 10 years. Even if he doesn't eat or drink, he can't repay it. Why is the Romanian still known as a prodigal son who loves to drink and drink.


So Mutu appealed to the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal for the second time, but CAS rejected his appeal again on July 31, 2009, and ruled


Mutu can only continue to appeal to the Swiss Federal Supreme Court. This process is exactly the same as Sun Yang's lawsuit with the International Anti-Doping Organization. Like the future Sun Yang, in this appeal, Mutu was unable to appeal the facts determined by the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal, but could only find out whether CAS had a procedural problem. Mutu’s claim is that one of the CAS arbitrators who ruled the case was a partner in a law firm that represented the interests of Chelsea boss Abramovich. On June 14, 2010, Mutu's appeal was again rejected.

Mutu只能继续向瑞士联邦最高法院上诉。此过程与Sun Yang向国际反兴奋剂组织提起的诉讼完全相同。像未来的孙阳一样,在此上诉中,穆图无法对国际体育仲裁庭确定的事实提出上诉,但只能查明CAS是否存在程序问题。 Mutu声称,裁定此案的CAS仲裁员之一是一家代表切尔西老板Abramovich利益的律师事务所的合伙人。 2010年6月14日,穆图的上诉再次被驳回。

The Romanians are almost desperate. At the end of January 2010, he failed the post-match drug test of the Coppa Italia with Lazio and was found positive for the second time. This time the banned ingredient was sibutramine, which was used in some Food suppression drugs are also among weight loss drugs, but they can also be used as drugs. In April, Mutu was banned for nine months and then shortened to six months until the ban was lifted at the end of October that year. His days in Florence are also coming to an end. Soon after his comeback, in January of the following year, he was banned from the club for a month because of his "resignation".

罗马尼亚人几乎是绝望的。在2010年1月下旬,他与拉齐奥(Lazio)的意大利杯赛后药物测试失败,并第二次被发现阳性。这次禁用的成分是西布曲明,它在某些减肥药中也用于减肥药中,但它们也可以用作药物。 4月,Mutu被禁止使用9个月,然后缩短到6个月,直到当年10月底取消禁令。他在佛罗伦萨的日子也将结束。在他复出后不久,第二年的一月,由于他的“辞职”,他被俱乐部禁止了一个月。

Compared to Sun Yang, whose appeal ends in the Swiss Federal Supreme Court, Mutu has one last hope to fight for. After the Swiss Federal Supreme Court's ruling was issued, he immediately appealed to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), again on the basis of the status of the arbitrator. This time, he waited for a full eight years before he got a result, a final result that could not be changed, and he still lost.


On October 2, 2018, the European Court of Human Rights announced that


During this long eight-year wait, Mutu slipped all the way. He went from Serie A to Ligue 1, returned to play in China, and even went to the Indian League for a round; his career in the national team also hit the wall, Zeng Yinsai After drinking (2011) and publicly taunting the head coach (2013), he was fired twice by the Romanian team; after the end of his player career in 2016, Mutu's coaching career was also quite unsatisfactory. He only did two for his first coaching contract. In August, when the European Court of Human Rights announced the results, he coached the youth team of the Abu Dhabi Wahda team in the UAE. (

在漫长的八年等待中,穆图一路下滑。他从甲级联赛转到了联赛1号联赛,回到中国比赛,甚至参加了印度联赛。曾荫赛(2011年)饮酒并公开嘲讽主教练(2013年)后,他在国家队的职业生涯也屡屡受挫,他被罗马尼亚队两次开除。在2016年球员职业生涯结束后,穆图的教练生涯也相当不理想。他的第一份教练合同只做过两次。 8月,当欧洲人权法院宣布调查结果时,他在阿联酋执教了阿布扎比·瓦赫达青年队。 (



The ruling of the European Court of Human Rights means that this long lawsuit that lasted for a full 14 years has finally settled. The Chelsea representative said after the results were announced: "


Interestingly, in 2013, before the European Court of Human Rights ruling, the FIFA Dispute Resolution Tribunal made an additional ruling, listing the two clubs of Livorno and Juventus, which Mutu joined after leaving Chelsea, as joint compensation parties. . However, after the two teams appealed to the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal, the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal ruled that Mutu is still the only compensation party-if Juventus is backed up, Chelsea may still receive part of the money, but only the players are liable , This Premier League team may not get a single shot. Of course, it never lacks this money. This marathon lawsuit looks like vengeance, giving the arrogant illegal employee a shadowy memory that can never be erased, or a lesson. It’s worth recalling that Chelsea’s £330,000 signing fee paid to Mutu and the 500,000 euro commission paid to Mutu’s agency Bekali Sports were paid off in five installments. There were also three installments with players. After termination (August 31, 2005, August 31, 2006 and August 31, 2007). According to court documents, these payments were paid on time, even though Chelsea was in a lawsuit with the players and demanded compensation for the unamortized portion of the signing fee and commission.

有趣的是,2013年,在欧洲人权法院作出裁定之前,国际足联争议解决法庭做出了另一项裁定,列出了利沃诺和尤文图斯的两个俱乐部,穆图在离开切尔西后加入了这两个俱乐部,作为联合赔偿方。 。但是,在两队向国际体育仲裁法庭提出上诉之后,国际体育仲裁法庭裁定Mutu仍然是唯一的赔偿方-如果支持尤文图斯,切尔西可能仍会得到部分款项,但只有球员承担责任,这支英超联赛球队可能一枪未得。当然,它永远不会缺少这笔钱。这场马拉松式的诉讼看起来像是复仇,给那位自高自大的非法雇员留下了永远无法抹去的阴影记忆或教训。值得回顾的是,切尔西向Mutu支付了33万英镑的签约费,并向Mutu的代理商Bekali Sports支付了500,000欧元的佣金,分五期还清。播放器也分为三部分。终止后(2005年8月31日,2006年8月31日和2007年8月31日)。根据法院文件,即使切尔西与球员提起诉讼,并要求赔偿签字费和佣金中未摊销的部分,这些付款仍按时支付。



Mutu's lawsuit can be called a strange case unprecedented in world football. It is very rare for a big club to take this cruelty to players, but it also warns all players that if they do not clean themselves up, there will be a worst result waiting for themselves. Two weeks after the final result of the European Court of Human Rights was released, Mutu posted a photo of himself walking on the beach with his son in his arms on social media, accompanied by a famous Socratic quote: "


What about Chelsea? Very interesting. Just two days ago, on April 15, Mutu posted another photo of himself training at Chelsea with Terry, Desaly, Lampard, Haselbaink and Good Johnson. , And @ the official account of the Chelsea Club. And this one is the first time a sign about Chelsea appeared eight years after Mutu’s account was opened.

切尔西呢?很有意思。就在两天前,即4月15日,穆图发布了另一张自己在切尔西接受训练的照片,其中包括特里,德萨利,兰帕德,哈塞尔拜恩克和古德约翰逊。 ,还有@切尔西俱乐部的官方帐户。这是Mutu开户八年后第一次出现有关切尔西的迹象。

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