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Although it failed to buy out Perisic, who is good at playing hard battles, Bayern confirmed the return of Douglas Costa on loan at the summer window transfer deadline, plus Sane, who came from Manchester City earlier this summer, the defending Champions League champion The strength at the winger position has continued unabated. With the maturity of Gnabry and Koeman, Bayern will have four world-class wingers this season, but what are their advantages and disadvantages?


Frick said in an interview this summer: "In my opinion, the configuration of four wingers is the most ideal choice. In any team, ideally there should be two players in each position. Competition." And the biggest reason they dared to give up buying Perisic was because they had settled on Sane in advance. As Bayern's biggest signing this summer, Sane's joining can bring the team's overall strength to a higher level, and his sharp breakthrough also brings more tactical ideas.


CEO Rummenigge also praised the number one transfer target who has been chasing for a whole year: "His speed, dribbling ability and frontal threat make him an excellent candidate for Bayern. He is our company. Players needed."


The data also proves this. Going back to the 15-16 season, Sane, who was only 19 years old at the time, had already tried 264 breakthroughs in the Bundesliga and completed 120 times. These two statistics are more than twice that of Costa, Koman and Gnabry, who all played in the Bundesliga at the time. In addition, he also contributed 8 goals and 8 assists in 33 league games in Schalke's last season, averaging one goal every 145 minutes.


In the first three seasons of the Premier League, Sane contributed 25 goals and 31 assists in 89 league games. Although last season due to a serious ligament injury and missed most of the games, but Sane contributed 2 passes and 1 shot in Bayern's first show to help the team 8-0 bloodbath old club Schalke.


Considering that both Gnabry and Koman prefer the right foot, Sane with a stronger left foot is also more suitable for the positioning of "Roben successor". Now Sane, who has taken over the No. 10 jersey, does prefer to be an inverted winger on the right: "I used to play on the left at Manchester City, but I played both when I was in the youth team or when I was promoted to Schalke's first team. Go to the right. My favorite position is also the right, where I play more comfortably. However, there is no problem with the left. Gua Shuai has taught me to switch between the two wing easily."

考虑到Gnabry和Koman都比较喜欢右脚,因此Sane左脚的力量也更适合“ Roben后继者”的定位。现在,萨恩(Sane)接手了10号球衣,他确实更喜欢在右边踢倒边锋:“我曾经在曼彻斯特城的左边打球,但是当我在青年队或当我时,我都踢过球被晋升为沙尔克的一线队。向右走。我最喜欢的位置也是向右,我在这里打得更舒服。但是,左边没有问题。瓜帅教我如何轻松地在两个侧翼之间切换。”

Although the arrival of Sane has made the competition for the main position more intense, although the teenager Mushala is very optimistic about Flick (and also proved his potential with goals in the opening game), the tight schedule this season also means Bayern needs more frequent rotations. Considering that Bayern's current three young wingers are all vulnerable physiques, the introduction of a powerful faction with immediate combat capability is also imminent.


Bayern eventually chose to loan out old Douglas Costa, the Brazilian winger who played for the Southern Star from 2015 to 2017. And Salihamidzic also said after finalizing the transfer: "The addition of Costa makes our wing stronger, which also gives our coach more options at the winger position. Costa is very Know the club, so you can reintegrate into the team soon. Now there are two left-footed players and two right-footed players at the winger position. These four players have different characteristics but are good at dribbling. This will also make us more It's hard to predict."

拜仁最终选择借用老边锋道格拉斯·科斯塔(Douglas Costa),后者是2015年至2017年为南方万博官网登录网址之星效力的巴西边锋。萨利哈米季奇在完成转会后也表示:“科斯塔的加入使我们的联队更强大,这也为我们的教练提供了更多选择哥斯达黎加非常了解俱乐部,因此您可以很快重新加入球队。现在边锋位置有两名左脚球员和两名右脚球员,这四名球员各有特点,但擅长运球。这也将使我们更加难以预测。”

Costa's excellent foot technique and explosive speed have brought more variables to the game. When he first played for Bayern, he had contributed 8 goals and 20 assists in 50 league games. Despite being troubled by injuries and mainly acting as a substitute, Costa still contributed 6 goals and 18 assists for Juventus in 71 Serie A games in the past three years. Although he is mainly a right winger, he can also be a guest on the left. As the data shows, Costa is more inclined to assist instead of scoring: In the last period of the Bundesliga journey, he averaged every 21 minutes he sent a cross to the opponent's penalty area, and assisted his teammates to complete a shot every 32 minutes. This is also the top of the four wingers, Koeman (26/34) is close behind, Gnabry (47/36) and Sane (289/61) are clearly behind.


At the same time, Costa, whose age and experience are significantly deeper, will also provide Bayern with more experience. He can also come off the bench at critical moments and play a role in turning things around.


Costa is good at passing, Sane is good at breakthrough, and Gnabry is relatively more comprehensive and productive. He contributed 12 goals and 11 assists in the Bundesliga last season, and this is the fourth consecutive season he scored in double figures. Gnabry scored 5 goals with 32 shots from his left foot and 7 goals with 61 shots from his right foot. It can be said that he is the most balanced winger in today's football. He has excellent performances in scoring, dribbling and passing, and he can also hit the edge.

Costa擅长传球,Sane擅长突破,而Gnabry则相对更全面和更有生产力。上赛季他在德甲联赛中贡献了12个进球和11次助攻,这是他连续第四个赛季取得双位数得分。 Gnabry左脚32球打进5球,右脚61球打入7球。可以说他是当今足球中最平衡的边锋。他在得分,运球和传球方面都有出色的表现,他也可以发挥优势。

Precisely because of this, Gnabry was the first choice for the winger position last season, and the league played 2203 minutes. Koman was only 1506 minutes later. If you take into account Gnabry’s many eye-catching performances in the Champions League: a four-time visit to Tottenham, Chelsea scored twice in the visit, and a double shot against Lyon in the semifinals, Gnabry is obviously still a big scene.


Flick also bluntly said: "Gnabry's progress in the past few years is amazing, he is very close to the world-class level." In the new season opener, Gnabry also wore the No. 7 jersey for the first time. A hat trick proved that he was fully capable of taking over Ribery's banner.


Since joining Bayern in August 2015, Koeman has scored 19 goals in 109 Bundesliga games. If it weren't for a series of injuries that caused him to miss more than 80 games, this number would definitely be higher. Injuries have limited Koeman's growth to a large extent. He has not played more than 24 league games in a single season.


But even so, Koeman was still the fastest winger in the Bayern team last season, reaching a speed of 35.7 kilometers per hour. In addition, he averaged 35.1 sprints per game, ran 10.9 kilometers, and won 56% of the confrontations. These statistics are also the highest in the same position. Although not very productive, with only 4 goals and 3 assists in the Bundesliga last season, Koeman’s offensive contribution is by no means limited to scoring.


Koeman, who prefers the right foot, is accustomed to serving as a left forward. His excellent off-the-ball running and retracement of the ball always make the opposing defender exhausted. In the Champions League final last season, Koeman made the opposing right-back Correll miserable, and the winning header was to some extent a reward for him.


Despite being full of honors in his eight-year career, Koeman is still only 24 years old. Although this "Mr. Lisbon" is often troubled by injuries, he can always return with full blood after his injury. When Sane and Gnabry respectively took over Robery's shirt, people once forgot Koman. And now, Sane and Gnabry have suffered injuries one after another, and Koeman's stable performance will also be a key part of Bayern's defense on all fronts. More fierce competition in the same position will only make him stronger.


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