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   On the second day of the men's volleyball championship, the defending championship champion Jiangsu Men's Volleyball and the Shanghai Men's Volleyball League won their first appearances for six consecutive championships. In the six contests held today, Liaoning 0-3 (28-30/18-25/18-25) lost to Fujian; Hebei 3-0 (25-23/25-21/32-30) beat Tianjin; Shandong defeated Henan by 3-1 (23-25/25-16/25-21/25-21) after losing one game first; Zhejiang 3-0 (25-14/25-13) /25-20) Lectra Yunnan, ushered in two consecutive victories; Beijing 3-0 (27-25/25-14/25-11) zero closure of Jiangsu; Shanghai 3-1 (25-22/25-12/31-33) /25-23) defeated Guangdong and ushered in a good start.

男子排冠军赛第二天,卫冕冠军江苏省男子排球和上海男子排球联赛连续六次获得冠军。在今天举行的六场比赛中,辽宁0-3(28-30 / 18-25 / 18-25)输给了福建;河北3-0(25-23 / 25-21 / 32-30)击败天津;山东在先输一局后以3-1(23-25 / 25-16 / 25-21 / 25-21)击败河南;浙江3-0(25-14 / 25-13)/ 25-20)云南力克(Lectra)连续两次取得胜利;北京3-0(27-25 / 25-14 / 25-11)江苏零封上海3-1(25-22 / 25-12 / 31-33)/ 25-23)击败广东,迎来了一个良好的开端。

   In the match between Hebei Men's Volleyball Team and Tianjin Men's Volleyball Team, the two sides scored a super high score of 32-30 in the third round. At the end of the game, Liu Jinhao served twice straight to help Tianjin catch the score to 22. Then the two sides fought all the way from 22 to 30. In the end, the Hebei Men's Volleyball Team seized the opportunity to win the third game 32-30. Thus, they beat Tianjin 3-0 with a big score and ushered in the first victory of the game.


   The defending champion Jiangsu Men’s Volleyball Team sent a full lineup to compete in this championship. Zhang Chen, Liu Xiangdong, Yu Yaochen, etc. are all listed. The Beijing men's volleyball team led by Jiang Chuan and Liu Libin fought hard on the first day of the match, defeating Shandong men's volleyball team 3-2 and ushered in a good start. Zhang Chen, the leader of the Jiangsu Men's Volleyball Team, did not appear on the stage. The team performed poorly in all aspects and lost to Beijing 0-3. Beijing men’s volleyball team ushered in two consecutive victories. Team Changjiangchuan said: “Today we served well. Jiangsu team didn’t have a game yesterday, and today’s first game was not very comfortable. Yesterday we played Shandong not well, so we learned our lesson today. Consolidating the block defense, using the serve to drive the block defense counterattack has a relatively high success rate."


   League champion Shanghai Men's Volleyball Team's lineup for the men's volleyball championship has changed. The team is led by coach Ren Qi and Fang Yingchao is the assistant coach. The 14-man roster is mostly new faces, with as many as five post-00 teenagers including deputy attacker Bian Shijie. They have been training with the Shanghai Men's Volleyball Team for two or three years, but they rarely get the chance to compete. Only Fu Hou Wen was the main player in the league championship, but Zhan Guojun, the captain who missed the league due to a foot injury, appeared today. The first show of the National Championships, the Shanghai Men's Volleyball Team played against Guangdong, they ushered in a good start to the 3-1 victory over Guangdong. In the first game, the Guangdong team showed tenacious defense, biting the score all the way, and caught up to 19 tie at the end. Tian Cong scored the key points first in Shanghai. Afterwards, the Shanghai team's morale soared with three blocks, leading 22-19. Qin Zhen stopped the opponent's attack, and the Shanghai Men's Volleyball team took the lead 25-22. In the second game, the Shanghai Men's Volleyball Team tried to serve the opponent's pass. The imposing Shanghai Men's Volleyball Team led the way. In the third game, Guangdong, which had a bad start, tied the score to 21 at the end of the game, and then the two sides drew from 21 to 31. Guangdong men's volleyball team seized the opportunity to achieve a reversal with 33-31. It is worth mentioning that this also set the highest score since the start of the game; in the fourth game, the two sides played stalemate, and the Shanghai Men's Volleyball Team finally withstood the pressure to win 25-23.

联赛冠军上海男排的男排冠军阵容已经改变。车队由任琦教练带领,方应超是助理教练。这位14人的名单大多是新面孔,包括副攻击手边世杰在内的多达五名00后青少年。他们已经在上海男排训练了两三年,但是他们很少有机会参加比赛。只有傅厚文是联赛冠军的主要球员,但是因脚伤而缺席联赛的队长詹国俊今天出现了。全国冠军赛的首场比赛是上海男排与广东队的比赛,他们以3-1击败广东队迎来了良好的开端。在第一局中,广东队表现出顽强的防守,一路咬住比分,最后追平19平。田聪在上海取得了第一名。之后,上海队的士气飙升了三个盖帽,以22-19领先。秦震制止了对手的进攻,上海男排以25-22领先。在第二局中,上海男排竭力为对手传球。气势磅Shanghai的上海男子排球队带路。在第三局中,开局不佳的广东在比赛结束时将比分追平至21,然后双方从21跌至31。广东男排抓住机会,以33- 31。值得一提的是,这也是自游戏开始以来的最高分。第四局,双方陷入僵局,上海男排终于顶住了以25-23取胜的压力。

Although the Shanghai Men's Volleyball team sent a young team in this championship, it will not relax the requirements for performance. The coaching staff has made targeted arrangements for the small players in blocking and offensive. I hope they can let go of their hands and feet to fight for it. spell. Shen Qiong believes: "In order to increase the depth of the team's bench, the young players may have a large gap with the old players in terms of experience, skills and tactics. I hope they will play more games and improve quickly. More young players are needed to attack the old players. Make sure the team is at the forefront."


The six contests to be held tomorrow are Henan Jiangsu, Zhejiang Shanghai, Fujian Shandong, Tianjin Yunnan, Sichuan Liaoning and Hubei Hebei. Welcome to our attention!




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