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On the afternoon of October 22nd, in the second round of the first round of the knockout round of the second stage of the Chinese Super League, the Dalianers defeated Shijiazhuang Yongchang 2-0, and the total score of the two rounds was 3-2. Shijiazhuang Yongchang had to continue to go down and engage in a more brutal relegation battle. Their next opponent was Shenzhen Kaisa, which was highly expected at the beginning of the season.

10月22日下午,中超联赛第二阶段淘汰赛第一轮第二轮,大连人2-0击败石家庄永昌,两轮总比分3-2 。石家庄永昌不得不继续下去,进行更残酷的保级战役。他们的下一个对手是深圳佳兆业(Shenzhen Kaisa),这在赛季开始之初就备受期待。

Before the start of the second stage, the top management of Kaisa gave the club the task of relegation as soon as possible. Tianjin TEDA was the worst team in the first stage, with 3 draws and 11 losses and never won. Theoretically, the 5th deep foot in Group A will play against 8th in Group B. It is a good draw, and it is the easiest thing to win the opponent to complete relegation. But the deep foot is messed up, and the opponents down may be difficult to deal with.


Two rounds with 1 loss and 1 tie, the total score was 1 to 3 and lost to TEDA. What happened to Shenzhen Football? The review process is certainly pessimistic, but facing the mistakes that have occurred is the only option.


At the opening stage of the first round, it felt bad. The rhythm of the team's passing and receiving is not smooth, and the players look a little nervous. In the 4th minute, Gao Lin missed the ball in the backcourt and was intercepted. TEDA's center Suarez sent straight to Achempon. The force was too strong. Achempon may have the fastest speed in the Super League, and it is impossible to catch the ball. . But the deep-foot goalkeeper Guowei made a mistake on his own. Obviously he was hesitant to receive the ball or clear the ball. He didn't think clearly about the ball, and then hurriedly kicked the ball directly to Achempoon and lost the ball. .

在第一轮的开幕阶段,感觉很糟糕。球队传球和接球的节奏不流畅,球员看上去有些紧张。第4分钟,高林在后场射门未中,被拦截。 TEDA的中心Suarez直接派往Achempon。力量太强大了。 Achempon可能是中超联赛中最快的速度,不可能接球。 。但是,深脚守门员郭伟自己犯了一个错误。显然他在犹豫不决要接球还是将球清除。他对球没有清楚的考虑,然后急忙将球直接踢向阿奇蓬并丢了球。 。

This ball may be the decisive one in the two rounds, because the strength of the two sides is originally between the two, the leading side can take the psychological and tactical initiative.


The way the ball was dropped was very unexpected. Because Guowei has always played steadily, this kind of low-level mistake has never happened before, but it happened in the most important relegation battle. Is this a question of his mentality alone, or is it a concentrated reflection of the mentality of the whole team on him?


Before the start of the second phase, the club promulgated the "strictest team rules in history" within the team, but the specific regulations were not released to the public. Probably the intention is to tell the players not to be disturbed by off-court factors and to concentrate on the game. This off-court factor is a bit subtle, because many of the current management, coaching staff, and players of the Shenzhen Football Club come from the city of Tianjin. It is understandable that the club is more in the accident world's statements and arguments, but whether the pressure should be transferred to the players in this way is debatable.


In the game, the deep football couldn't play the kind of spirit in the first stage, passing and receiving the ball seemed procrastinated, and there was almost no coordination in the middle. No team’s midfielder core foreign aid would appear so embarrassing in the game-Cernas, the tactical role of Cernas this season has been completely marginalized. It is more obvious to play TEDA in the two rounds, but why one Foreign players with significantly higher technical capabilities than local players will play like this. Is it the player's own problem, or the coaching staff that has always had a problem?


In the second round, John Moray started the game and the deep foot tactics became simpler. At the pre-match press conference, Gao Lin said that the relegation battle should not pursue beautiful football, but should be pragmatic and result. This makes sense. However, the content of the game shown in the second round was too simple and rude-multiple 45-degree crosses. It would be disappointing to let a group of players of such a high value play such a football. If it weren't for John Marie's outstanding ability in the center position, Shenzhen Football would not even be able to create good scoring opportunities.

在第二轮中,约翰·万博体育官网地址莫雷(John Moray)开始比赛,深脚战术变得更加简单。在赛前新闻发布会上,高林说降级之战不应该追求美丽的足球,而应该是务实和结果的。这很有道理。但是,第二轮显示的比赛内容过于简单,而且粗暴地进行了45度交叉。让一批如此高价值的球员踢足球是令人失望的。如果不是约翰·玛丽出色的中锋位置,深圳足球将甚至无法创造良好的得分机会。

Mali finally scored a goal, the deep foot couldn't take advantage of the momentum, because he was not patient enough, but in fact, the defensive end has been doing well. Until that set-kick team appeared a moment of relaxation. The slow-motion playback of this ball re-watched. At the moment Ahmedov played the ball, the deep foot had only 5 defenses and 5 in the penalty area, and everyone else was slightly sloppy. Ahmedov's ball was driven to the back point, which was even more exaggerated, with 2 defenses and 3 defenses. TEDA central defender Bastian was unguarded. Why did Shenzu lose concentration collectively at this moment? This scene was not seen in the other relegation battles.


Of course, even if Bastian didn't score the equalizer for TEDA, it would be difficult to score the second goal with a deep foot.


The uncomfortable performance of the Shenzhen team was largely due to the lack of outstanding foreign aid capabilities. John Marie is the only foreign aid the team can rely on on the offensive end, but this is also doomed to the monotony of the team's play. Deepfoot’s current foreign aid structure may be the most special in the entire Super League, with two central defenders, one midfielder, and two center forwards. All other teams will have at least one midfielder and one winger.

深圳队表现不佳的主要原因是缺乏出色的外援能力。约翰·玛丽(John Marie)是球队唯一可以依靠万博官网登录网址进攻端的外援,但这也注定了球队表现的单调。深足目前的外援结构可能是整个超级联赛中最特殊的,有两名中后卫,一名中场和两名中锋。所有其他球队将至少有一名中场和一名边锋。

The functions of Preciado and John Marie overlap, and the functions of Song Zhuxun and Ganji overlap. In the tactical system of the three coaches after the start of the season, Sernas had insufficient possession of the ball, which directly turned him into an ordinary engineer player, no different from domestic players. Shenzhen Football has neither a midfielder who is good at pushing the ball, nor a winger who can fight back. This ball is not easy to play. What appears is that the counterattack cannot be played, and there is no creativity in positional warfare. It can only be monotonous. Pass in the middle or pass in the bottom.

Preciado和John Marie的功能重叠,Song Zhuxun和Ganji的功能重叠。在本赛季开始后的三位教练的战术体系中,塞纳斯没有足够的控球权,这直接使他成为了普通的工程师球员,与国内球员没有什么不同。深圳足球既没有擅长推球的中场球员,也没有可以反击的边锋。这个球不容易打。出现的情况是无法进行反击,并且在位置战中没有创造力。它只能是单调的。通过中间或底部。

The issue of foreign aid seems to be a legacy of history. Preciado, John Marie and Cernas were the team members of last season, and it has been proven that they need to continue to adjust. In the winter transfer window, Donadoni appointed Dema Yili, who has a style similar to Cernas, to join, but he wasted a spot. South Korean foreign aid Song Zhuxun is the club’s expedient measure, but since there is already a foreign aid central defender, why put the last spot on Iranian central defender Ganji? At the same time, the introduction of the winter window than Fuma left the team so quickly, is it because of his personal ability or other problems with the team? Although his playing time is not stable due to injury and there is no bright spot in the game, at least his ability to take the ball in a small area is better than the average domestic player.

外国援助问题似乎是历史遗留问题。普雷西亚多,约翰·玛丽和塞纳斯是上赛季的团队成员,并且已经证明他们需要继续调整。在冬季转会窗口中,多纳多尼任命了具有类似塞纳斯风格的德玛·伊利(Dema Yili)参加,但他浪费了一个位置。韩国外援宋祝勋是该俱乐部的权宜之计,但是既然已经有一名外援中后卫,为什么把伊朗中后卫干吉放在最后位置呢?同时,冬窗的引入比富马离开团队如此之快,是因为他的个人能力还是团队的其他问题?尽管由于受伤他的上场时间不稳定并且比赛中没有亮点,但至少他在小区域内接球的能力比普通的国内球员要好。

In the winter window, Shenzhen Football team did prepare for the game in accordance with the plan for the new season in the Chinese League. Therefore, it is impossible to operate early on the issue of foreign aid. This is an objective reason. But in the limited operating space, there are still some lessons, which is undoubtedly. Since Donadoni has not been trusted by some players, why not make up his mind to change coaches early in the winter window, at least the foreign aid issue is easier to straighten out. Since it is decided to let Donadoni stay, he should establish his absolute authority to make the team more unified.


The coach changed midway through the season, but there was no room for adjustments by foreign players. This was actually the key reason for Shenzhen Football's relegation in the 2019 season, but it happened again in the 2020 season. Of course, there are domestic signings for the bottom this time, although apart from Gao Lin and Dai Weijun, these new signings did not show how good they are.


In fact, Shenzhen Football Club has already made arrangements for next season, and it is certain to change foreign aid. On October 20th, River Plate midfielder and Colombia international Quintero posted on social networks his arrival in Hangzhou. It is understood that Quintero will undergo isolation observation in Hangzhou and then go to Shenzhen for medical examination. As for when to enter the competition zone, it depends on the team's situation. At this time, there will be new players next year. What the existing foreign players think is also a question. The club needs to handle it carefully.

实际上,深圳足球俱乐部已经为下赛季做了安排,并且肯定会改变外援。 10月20日,River Plate中场球员和哥伦比亚国脚Quintero在社交网络上发布了他抵达杭州的信息。据了解,昆特罗将在杭州进行隔离观察,然后前往深圳进行体检。至于什么时候进入比赛区,这取决于球队的情况。目前,明年将有新玩家加入。现有外国企业的想法也是一个问题。俱乐部需要谨慎处理。

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